To support engineering with the administration of project deliverables
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    To support engineering with the administration of project deliverables


    03، سبتمبر 2018

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    To support engineering with the administration of project deliverables (documents) by recording the submittal, receipt and approval of all commercial and technical documents for the project. Detailed Description


    Follow and use established processes and tools; update document management and control systems; distribute project documents, drawings, and communications as needed; and ensure compliance to project document requirements of all documentation.
    Manage and maintain all project documents and drawings and their associated properties (metadata) through document management and control systems.
    Enter all project documents & drawings and their associated properties on the system.
    Generate document numbers for all vendors and track receipt of the associated documents.
    Issue all project documents and drawings that leave the company and track responses, as required.
    Update registers daily with regards to the status and issuing of drawings and project documents and receipt of required responses.
    Manage project-specific settings of document management and control systems such as project team members, etc.
    Monitor completion status and follow-up on the drawings in Review and other deliverables as needed to help ensure deliverables are issued on the correct date.
    Produce monthly report on each project by collecting the required data from all relevant sources, verifying the data to ensure that only applicable data is utilized, collating the data and generating the report, and making recommendations in accordance with the information at hand.
    Compile reports in accordance with policies, procedures, and legal requirements, and distribute the reports to the relevant role players.
    Job Requirements

    High school diploma or equivalent but some university preferred. 3 years of work experience.
    User level skills for Word, Excel, Power Point, SharePoint

    Experience using an electronic document management and control system to register, manage, distribute, and track key documents that are numbered for identification and the documents and their properties are frequently updated in the system.
    Thorough knowledge of business procedures as well as information- and workflow- related procedures applicable to own area of work.
    Strong written and oral communication in English. The competencies should be at a level that facilitates effective communication in different situations.
    Attention to detail must come naturally.
    Strong teamwork skills, including the ability to coordinate with external vendors.
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